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Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (film continuity & official novelization of same & the Tomb Raider Tech Manual from the film).


Lara Croft; (Lady Croft, Countess of Abbingdon).

[character history / background]:

Lara Croft was born in Surrey's Parkside Hospital on February 14th to Lady Amelia Croft and the famed archeologist, Lord Richard Croft, the late Earl of Abbingdon. She is an only child. Her mother died while she was still a baby and Lara only knows her through photographs and stories, lovingly told by her father. He always carried a silver pocket watch with a photograph of his wife inside, an item cherished by Lara, as well.

She was raised in the luxury and society of British aristocracy at Croft Manor, in Berkshire, a child doted upon by her father and family servants, who did their best to keep up with a very bright and slightly precocious little girl. Lara received private tutoring from the age of three, some of it from her father when he wasn't away on digs. She even spent some time a summer or two accompanying him to all sorts of interesting locations, exploring as much of the sites as he would permit. She loved it. Unfortunately, the Fates were not on their side. Lord Croft went missing in Cambodia, presumed dead, six months after he took her to a Christmas treat: a performance of The Nutcracker.

He disappeared on May 15th, 1981, when she was barely eight. It was the worst day of her life. The silver pocket watch went with him. Lara commemorates that date every year at a memorial she established on the grounds of the Croft estate: a realistic, life-size tent, one typical of an adventurer, cast in marble.

She attended all the 'right' schools and hob-knobbed with her fellow lords and ladies, but her desire for something different, something more meaningful, started very young. Her interest in archaeology was natural, but she also had the keen mind and desire to know that made her successful in her chosen career. Some of the items she has discovered over the years of being a 'tomb raider' - thank you, British Press - she keeps, either because they are personal favourites or too potentially dangerous to unleash to some hapless enthusiast. Others have been sold to museums and private collections, at auctions and through word of mouth. They help fund her travel and other costs incurred by her various pursuits.

She has inherited money, of course, but her 'hobby' is rather expensive.

Lara maintains a butler, Hillary, and an IT/robotics whiz, Bryce, at Croft Manor. The former, the son of the previous butler, neat and organized, stays in one of the many, many bedrooms. The latter, representing the anti-thesis of neatness and organization, sleeps in a caravan on the grounds. Both men are loyal and devoted to Lara and she would do whatever it took to defend them, should the need arise. They are the closest things to a friend that she probably has who are around her age. Mr. Wilson, a contemporary of her father and a skilled horologist, acted as a friendly uncle when her remaining relations shut her out. Other colleagues of her father and a few from school are more patient acquaintances than friends. She has crossed some archaeologists in her time, along with 'amateurs' who want fame or fortune or power or all of the above.

She spends her time exercising in an elaborate -- and dangerous -- training course, co-designed with Bryce, in what used to be the ballroom; learning new skills and researching for lost treasures; and journeys wherever her interest takes her.

She also has a 'real' job as a photojournalist, for which she has some professional acclaim.

Apparently, there is a rift between Lara and her relatives, some of whom attempted to claim her inheritance, with lawyers and courtroom shenanigans after Lord Croft's 'death'. It was all a load of rubbish.

They are not on her Christmas card list.

She doesn't seem to miss them very much.

Over the years she has gained an intimate knowledge of ancient civilizations. She is famous for her discovery of important archaeological sites and for her published travel books, with photographs, of these journeys.

Oh, and the silver pocket watch? Lara recovered it from the man who killed her father, a member of the Illuminati who misjudged the tenacity of a Croft.

And here is a link to the Wiki movie entry for 'Lara Croft: Tomb Raider', which provides the detailed plot and so on:

[character abilities]:

Lara Croft is a blend of Indiana Jones, MacGyver, and James Bond, with a dash of Wonder Woman -- and possibly Boadicea -- while still having her own flavour prominent in the mix. She is a very smart and active young woman. It would not be amiss to think she was training for some Olympic sport; such is the dedication and intensity of her exercise regime. It would be difficult, though, to determine what sport she is focusing on, because there are any number of possibilities, including:

- Marksmanship
- Triathlon
- Cycling
- Swimming
- Skiing
- Snowboarding
- Marathon
- 100 M Dash
- Gymnastics, be it floor routine, balance beam, parallel bars, rings, trampoline, vault...
- Archery
- Horsemanship
- Discus
- Pole Vault
- Track & Field
- Boxing
- Wrestling
... or if she's some sort of extreme martial arts contestant, such is the quality of her hand-to-hand combat.

She has trained with mercenaries, so anything goes, including improvisational weapons and, of course, fighting dirty. As a result, she probably knows how to drive a tank, but this can't be confirmed. She has a wide range of personal vehicles in her garage, including an Aston Martin, a Mini, a Landrover and a motorcycle. Some are classics and even possibly belonged to her father. With her skills, simple repairs are likely a breeze.

Intelligent and perceptive, Lara isn't likely to miss clues or landmarks or become lost. She is a fairly decent judge of people, their body language, their motives, their smiles.

She is very observant and knows how to locate and use the tools at hand, scavenging when possible to improve her odds for survival under less than ideal circumstances: thinking outside the box, as it were. Determined and constantly pushing and testing herself, it is fortunate that she seems to have a high pain threshold.

Her weapons include, but are not restricted to:

- Climbing Axe.
- String Bow.
- Guns. Just about any kind: revolvers, pistols, rifles, automatic weapons, shotguns...
- Knife fighting and throwing.
- Crossbow.
- Staff.
- Explosives...

Of course, anything can be a weapon. For example, a gun with no ammo can still be a blunt instrument and a motorcycle can become an item of unexpected impact when the back wheel is spun around to knock an attacker unconscious.

Her 'hobbies', some of which also come under the heading of 'skills' include:

- Walking
- Hiking
- Running
- Swimming
- Yoga
- Meditation
- Photography
- Writing
- Rock Climbing
- Target Shooting
- Horseback Riding
- Target shooting while on horseback...
- Astronomy
- Bungee-cord Ballet (a must to witness!)
- Reading. Excessive quantities of reading and research.
- Languages: Fluent in English, Russian, Italian, Khmer, French, Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin, Greek, with spottings of others. There are ancient languages in there, too, which she can also read as well as speak.

Lara also seems to have the uncanny ability to pursue civilizations and related objects which are connected, in some way, to ancient myths and legends -- and the protectors, aliens, monsters, contraptions and secret societies associated with them. Why do these things happen to her? It is likely that the Fates have so much fun watching her rise to the challenge.


"Lara Croft can perform acrobatics like nobody’s business due to her incredible natural prowess and excellent training - she likely can break athletic records in multiple disciplines. She also enjoys a natural aptitude with firearms, and is especially proficient at using a gun in each hand - whether her usual Berettas or a pair of Uzis when thing get tough.

Having entered the world of archeology for the thrill of exploration and discovery, Lara’s skills are more focused on survival, athletics and espionage, than excavation and research like her more academic peers. Lara is also a fast thinker, with an analytical mind that can quickly take in a situation, whether it’s uncovering the riddle of a lost tomb, or assessing the danger of a firefight."

- Source:

[character personality]:

Lara is very competitive and is her own harshest critic. She frequently finds herself in a race to reach a site and/or artifact before someone else who is hot on the trail. She is experienced, competent, confident, and comfortable in her own skin. Danger isn't her middle name, but it finds her, anyway, and she risks her life regularly to reach her goals. Perhaps she is an adrenaline junkie. Intensely curious, adaptable, with a strong taste for knowledge and adventure and often, very little visible fear, Lara stands firmly on her own two feet and doesn't rely on her ancestors -- or anyone else, for that matter -- to decide her destiny for her.

She has a dry sense of humour and, as is often the case with the British, it can be a black sense of humour, too. Not afraid to be afraid or sad when among friends, she is stoic, calm and controlled among strangers: very much the classic noble. Note that she has mastered the raised eyebrow as a form of sufficient commentary for a variety of situations.

Proud, assured and informed, she's unlikely to ever say she was wrong, but has let someone know when they were right. She knows how to hold a grudge -- "You stole my prayer wheels!" -- but she can change her mind if the circumstances warrant it.

For example, during the Siberian stretch of her latest quest, Lara tries to rescue Alex West, an old flame and archaeologist, when he's stabbed and then drowned. She does not succeed. Though he'd been hired by the 'bad guys' -- Mr. Powell, of the Illuminati -- he wasn't a bad person himself and she cared for him. While she had possession of the Triangle of Light and could manipulate time, she returned to the moment before Alex was stabbed so she could save his life. When all was said and done, she didn't blame him for anything and made no threats upon an associate of the Illuminati, Mr. Pimms, who was really just hired by the wrong people, poor sod.

Loyal to her father, when she discovered that he kept many secrets from her, including his membership on the High Council of the Illuminati, she doesn't hesitate to forgive him and remind him how much she misses him and loves him. It was a rare opportunity to have a chance to cross through time and speak with your dead father, while he was still alive in that adventurer's tent in Cambodia, and Lara didn't let the moment slip away until there was just no choice but to part.

The world needed saving, after all.

And when push comes to shove, she does not kill anyone easily. Self-defense is another matter, but to just slaughter people? Not her thing. For example, when she'd beaten Mr. Powell in a fight and turned to leave him there as the structure around them began to collapse, he taunted her with Lord Croft's silver pocket watch; until then, she hadn't known what had happened to her father. Powell could have let her leave and even followed after, but he just wouldn't stay down. He provoked her. Lara fought him for the watch and won and that was why the man died.

Lara can be compassionate and spiritual, as her stay with the monks during the film demonstrates. She is respectful of their beliefs, their way of life, their hospitality and patience, their wisdom. Oh, and the use of their slightly out-dated satellite telephone.

When her home is invaded and the thieves successfully steal an important item, she doesn't blame Hillary or Bryce or vent to them. Why waste time and energy on such theatrics when there is work to be done? Besides, it wasn't their fault. All three of them had fought to defend, on separate fronts, and had done their best. Though noted for preferring to work alone, she does play well with others. Sometimes, it's the only way -- and the best way -- to get something accomplished.

There is no 'I' in 'team'.

Another example: The UPS man delivered something to her home the morning after the attack. Lara's response to his boggled reaction to the incredible damage to the front foyer didn't involve venting, sarcasm or stony silence. She smiled at him, signed the required form, and said: "I woke up this morning and I just hated everything." Humour, keeping it light, putting someone she didn't even know at ease.

Lara isn't perfect and would never declare herself so. She makes the best decisions she can, given the information available, but it isn't possible to be always right. Sometimes emotions can make her hesitate to do what's necessary. She isn't invulnerable or invincible: when cut, she bleeds, when punched, she bruises, and her greatest efforts can still sometimes not be quite enough. She doesn't dwell on such things, though, but focuses on making it better, changing her approach when things go pear-shaped.

At home, her focus tends not to dwell on the every day. For example, though she knows how to survive on rations and so on while on an expedition, she doesn't cook at home. Hillary takes care of that, and if he's busy elsewhere? Lara pops a frozen dinner into the microwave and tries not to cook it until it explodes. Doubtless, Lara could take some time to mingle with her peers and maybe even behave like a 'lady' from time to time instead of leaping about in muddy ruins, chasing ancient Egyptian mummies. Hillary would encourage that, but she doesn't consider herself a 'lady' or particularly modest and certainly isn't 'prim' or 'fashionable'. Her wardrobe predominantly consists of clothing that hugs the skin and leaves room for her to draw her guns without having them catch on ruffled sleeves or some such.

In fact 'ruffled' and 'Lara Croft' don't work properly in the same sentence. Her choices tend toward sleeveless tops, shorts, practical trousers, combat boots and high socks, colouring toward monochromatic greys, blacks, whites, maybe a blue here and there. All tight. The enemy can't grab onto you as easily if your clothing isn't baggy, right?

When she wears a dress or anything particularly feminine -- which is very, very rare -- it's for a very good reason. And the dress will be in the same colour story as her usual wardrobe; she will never be 'the lady in red'. Bomber jackets and long coats are the exception to her 'tight' rule, but freezing your arse off is pointless, isn't it? She expects that when her time finally comes, it will be in her usual tomb-raiding wardrobe, cuts and dirt on her skin, and guns blazing.

If you need someone to watch your back, you couldn't do much better than someone like Lara. If you cross her, she will give you the benefit of the doubt -- once -- and give you a chance -- if she feels you deserve it -- to get out while you still can. If you have proven you are a danger to her, anyone she cares about or the world at large, you, my good man, are toast. She will kick your arse so hard, your tonsils and testicals will be having tea.

[point in timeline you're picking your character from]: After the events of the first film, 'Lara Croft: Tomb Raider'. The first film changed her history slightly, but most events established before in the game, such as artifacts found et cetera, are going to apply to this Lara as well. The year is 2001.

[journal post]:

[Someone else has arrived in the City, landing in the fountain, which seems to be a tradition here. The screen of the device, which is waiting conveniently for the latest guest on the edge of the fountain, captures the woman as she surfaces, squints against the sun then quickly checks the water around her for her sunglasses. She notices the device, but is distracted when one of her hands locates her missing shades. She stands -- a woman in a tight, black wardrobe, leather belt with a gold skull buckle and two guns strapped to her thighs. The lower part of her legs are still in the water.

Her dark brown hair is pulled back in a long, French braid. She's wearing very little make-up, but then, she doesn't really need to as her rather striking beauty comes through, even in this slightly bedragled state. Strands of her hair have come free from the braid and her clothing appears to have been dragged through some mud before her arrival. Her other hand reaches behind her for a small backpack and unerringly unzips the pocket she needs. A mobile phone drops out into her hand. She checks it for connectivity, but seems to be having trouble getting a signal. She sighs, slides a look to the device and walks toward it, water splashing a little as she moves. She leans closer, looking the item over with a 'hmmm', then she addresses whoever might be able to receive her message. She smiles a little, her voice is pleasant and the accent in definately British.]

Well, hello. This doesn't seem to be the ruins of Aztlán.

[She doesn't seem overly upset by this development as she slowly nods, once, toward the device.]

I suppose this is some sort of general feed video phone. Interesting. Strange place to leave it lying around. My phone... is wet and I need to make a few calls. Anyone at the other end?

[third person / log sample]:

Her father's desk was completely upside-down, legs pointing at the ceiling, with the drawers and their contents scattered across the Persian rug along with the morning paper. Cold tea waited in a mug on the floor. The mug declared 'Keep Calm & Carry On' in bold, red letters.

Lara was calm. Mostly. She decided she was just being thorough and after the discovery of the secret room under the main stairs and all the items hidden there, who would blame her for checking for other hidden places? Her father was a clever man. He'd managed to conceal all sorts of things from her, both intellectual and physical, but barring another miracle, she wouldn't be able to ask him if the manor had more surprises. The late Lord Croft had told her of secret passages and rooms when she was a little girl, stories which had kept her busy when she'd been bored, only to have him later state that he'd made them up. The blue prints of the manor -- a structure which had endured several renovations over the last four hundred years -- seemed to agree. But what if he'd been lying? It was up to her to find out. She'd never considered her family home as the site for a possible dig, but here she was, at seven-in-the-morning on a Sunday in late May, exploring the study in her white, silk pyjamas.

Kneeling beside the desk, ear pressed to the wood, she knocked gently along the surface, checking for pockets of echo that might indicate a hidden drawer. There was nothing so far, but she was patient and persistent. Lara thought about her mug of cold tea and wondered if it would be considered a sin to heat it up in the microwave for thirty seconds. Would her ancestors rise from their graves, enraged, disowning her as a citizen of Great Britain? Perhaps Hillary would be so appalled that he wouldn't speak to her for a week.

She sighed and tried not to think of that as a plus.

It wasn't that Hillary was being a problem. Far from it. He was, as always, his father's son, a breed of butler that harkened back to a different time, before the Great War of 1914. He was also her friend and she trusted him. Since she'd returned from Siberia, though, with a freezing Bryce, a slightly confused Alex West and an oddly quiet Mr. Pimms, Hillary had been...


That was a mild word for the protectiveness vibe she was getting from him, but then, he did tend to leap to conclusions when it came to her archaeological activities, especially when it involved secret societies like the Illuminati, who had wanted her dead. Lara had taken Hillary on one expedition a few years before -- his first and last -- and would never do so again. He'd been well enough, but when separated from her and unable to reach her, the man had called in all sorts of reinforcements. She was fine, of course. Stuck in a cave until it was safe to emerge.

She did miss his omelets, though.

Giving her knees a break, Lara sat with her back against the desk and reached for some papers she'd found, flipping through them to confirm they were in the correct order. Court papers, from when her relatives had tried to wrench control of the estate from her. Only seven years old and they couldn't wait until she could properly understand what was going on.

Bloody vultures.

"I took the liberty," Hillary said from the entrance to the study, "of making a fresh pot of tea."

Lara smiled to herself, set the papers aside and stood, having a good stretch with her hands high in the air and back arched before approaching a comfortable leather chair and matching table. Hillary, in full butler ensemble, proceeded into the room to match her course. He set the tray on the table and poured her a fresh mug of tea while she sat in the chair, tucking her legs up, yoga-style.

"Thank you," she said, snagging a biscuit from the selection presented.

"Find anything of interest?" Hillary asked casually.

"One of the left-hand drawers needs to be waxed," she replied. "It's a bit stiff."

"I wouldn't call that interesting," Hillary said, crossing to collect the cold mug of tea. "Though I'll see it gets taken care of." He straightened and turned to face her. "Mr. West called last night."

"Did he?" Lara reached for her new mug -- this one declared 'I can dig it' with a few shovels and such drawn around the words. Someone had thought it was clever and had given it to her one Christmas a few years ago. Who was that?

Ah, yes. Alex.

"Yes, he did."

"Did you tell Alex West that I was here?"

"Yes, I did."

She pursed her lips in thought and raised one eyebrow at him.

"Naughty, Hills. Very, very naughty." And took another bite of her biscuit.

Other Information:

- Sexual Orientation:

Straight. There is no indication, in the film, the novelization and, for that matter, the game on which it is all based that she has ever shown an attraction to women. There is clear evidence that she is attracted to men and has had several lovers, consecutively not simultaneously.

- Appearance:

Lara is considered to be a very attractive woman. Not 'pretty', but 'beautiful'. Not 'appealing', but 'desirable'. Tall, strong and curvy, she is quite photogenic and could possibly pursue a successful career in modeling or some such. Features include: large blue eyes, long, dark lashes, full lips, sculpted cheekbones and radiant smile, long, thick hair in excellent shape -- usually worn in a braid, French braid or ponytail. Her wardrobe, as discussed above, is simple, practical and decidedly not suitable for the red carpet. When on the job, she has two guns holstered to a belt, which has a reload system installed in it for changing out clips quickly and efficiently. One of her favourite belt buckles has a skull design. Tall combat boots and socks keep her grounded and when in doubt, wear sunglasses. They protect the eyes, cut down on wrinkles and look smashing.

Random Trivia:

- Astrological sign: Aquarius
- Marital Status: Single
- Blood Type: AB-
- Age: 27 (as of 2001)
- Height: 175 cm (5' 9")
- Weight: between 8 st, 13 lb. to 9 st, 4 lb. (between 56.5 to 59 kg, or 125 to 130 lb)
- Hair colour: Dark brown.
- Eye colour: Blue.
- Dress size: 8 to 10.
- Shoe size: 8.5 to 9.5, depending on design, country of origin and material used for manufacture.
- Favourite Weapon: 9-mm Twin Colt 45s
- Favorite Food: Beans on toast

Source: Modified from information found here:


Angelina Jolie.

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