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Met Upon Her Arrival

John Harrison [personal profile] nooniensingh
The Flash [personal profile] fastest_dude_ever
Unknown Fellow [personal profile] othersdie
Scott McCall [personal profile] affectioning

Tagged While Sailing, During Pirate Curse

Thor [personal profile] subecho
Sif [personal profile] asofwar
Loki [personal profile] coldchaos
Rapunzel [personal profile] tangledintower
Steve Rogers [personal profile] punchedhitler
Poor, sea-sick Li [personal profile] mortemscintilla

Tagged Robert Chase, During the Pirate Curse [personal profile] intheblanks

Tagged Dr. McCoy, During Pirate Curse [personal profile] medicos

Tagged Uhura, Upon Her Arrival [personal profile] phonetical

Tagged Tony Stark, Upon His Arrival [personal profile] fe_male

Tagged Black Widow (Natasha), Upon Her Arrival [personal profile] chernaya